Luke Y. Thompson

First published at the age of 10 when one of his poems was printed in a children's book in Ireland, Luke Y. Thompson had been an unofficial film critic for friends and family for many years before writing for the underground 'zines AteBall and his own KnifEdge, the latter of which caught the attention of the editors at the Los Angeles New Times in 1999, who were looking for a fresh perspective. Initially syndicated throughout all the New Times publications, his audience expanded with the merger of New Times and Village Voice, and he ultimately landed at the OC Weekly. LYT has a degree in film production from USC, and has won L.A. Press Club Awards for work done at the old New Times Los Angeles, an honorable mention award (2005) and second-place award (2006) for his online blog, and an honorable mention in 2007 for entertainment reviews/criticism at OC Weekly (the only film critic nominated in that category). Known to dye his hair odd colors as a cheap publicity stunt, and fond of sitting front-row-center.

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